Friday, February 25, 2011

Persephone Reading Weekend Begins: Chill Out, Open Book, Insert Nose

Today began with a yearly female medical ritual that requires taking the “roundest” part of a woman, flattening it into a pancake, and then taking pictures of it. Necessary and important, but not so awesome. That was followed by a luncheon at which I was asked to make a short speech -- and although I am the chattiest person in the world in a small group, and I love nothing more than being in front of a classroom, speaking in front of a hundred people, some of them luminaries in their field, still makes my legs feel like jelly. Again, not so awesome.

Next came an unusually stressful dinner, because tonight was my younger daughter’s SLAM (Science, Language Arts & Music) Fair. She signed up to play Für Elise on piano, and was really nervous about it, but she wasn’t willing to admit it, so she was cranky instead. (She played beautifully, of course, but until she was done, not so awesome!)

So here it is, Friday evening. The not-so-awesome day is done. The heels are off, the jammies are on, and the wine is poured. Good Evening, Mrs. Craven: The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes, the incredibly thoughtful gift from my Persephone Secret Santa, Bellezza, is on the couch. And I am going to spend a couple of quiet hours reading.

Life gets crazy on its own -- no need for me to go with it!

Thanks so much to Verity and Paperback Reader for hosting Persephone Reading Weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone’s reviews and getting ideas for my next Persephone title!

Looking forward to a Gray Weekend!



  1. I hope you like your Persephone! I ordered one for myself, actually, which I wouldn't have done had I not researched it so carefully for you. :) Looking forward to your thoughts when you finish it.

  2. Happy reading, Col. I only recently caught on to this Persephone thing - will be reading something *quite* different this weekend!

  3. Sounds like you deserve chilling out, opening a Persephone, sticking your nose in it! The wine and jammies too :)

    Happy Persephone Reading Week, Col! Enjoy.

  4. Hi! I just found your great blog via PRW. I hope that the end to your day was bliss, curled up with a Persephone :-) I look forward to your review as I have this book on my TBR shelf.

  5. I hope that it perked up your weekend :)

  6. I really wish I had participated! Argh - I have three fabulous Persephones just waiting for me!

  7. Thanks, everyone! It wound up being a great weekend. Thanks, especially, to Claire and Verity. This was my first time participating in a Persephone event, but I am already excited about the next one!

    CaaBC -- I hope you'll participate next time. It was great fun.


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